FFT X™ +FFT X™ upgradeable

Offload FFS requirements for complex aircraft entry level training

  • FAA FTD Levels 5 & 6 (Part 60)
  • ICAO Level IV, V or VI


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  • Type-specific aircraft cockpit
  • Collimated 200° x 40° visual system display as used on the FFS X™
  • Replicated control panels provide identical tactile feel compared to the aircraft
  • Can be tailored to customer specific aircraft configuration
  • High-fidelity aerodynamic and flight controls models
  • High-fidelity avionics simulation
  • High-fidelity flight control force feel models for outstanding realism
  • Replicated high-fidelity avionics display units
  • FFS-quality multi-channel image generator delivers superior scene fidelity
  • 3 degree of freedom (DOF) seat cueing system provides motion effects for turbulence, touchdown bump, etc.
  • High-end sound simulation
  • Incorporates aircraft and avionics manufacturer OEM data packages
  • All aircraft systems functional, including CBs
  • Full complement of simulated malfunctions/faults
  • FFS type IOS moveable forward-facing IOS tower
  • The FFT X™ upgradeable features a Level D data package and is upgradeable to FFS X™

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to an FFS? The Mechtronix FFT X™ increases the effectiveness of training while reducing costs associated with classic full flight simulators. It’s a unique way of delivering Recurrent Training as per FAR/EASA and is approved for one of two checks – OPC and associated training including CAT II or CAT III depending on a/c type and Captain Upgrades.

A minimum of 50% of Initial and Transition Type Rating training can be conducted in the FFT X™. Additionally, it is a perfect solution for MPL intermediate phase in a fixed base environment. It provides a cost effective training environment for workload management, situational awareness, leadership teamwork and decision making.