Ascent® XJ Trainer™

Efficient introduction to a commercial airliner environment


  • MPL FSTD Type II
  • ICAO Level IV

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  • Realistic tactile feel and representation of a single aisle commercial jet cockpit
  • Represents either a commercial Single Aisle Jet or a Twin Turboprop or both
  • Synthetic Instrument Display™ (SID™) for easy reconfiguration of the overhead panel
  • Active flight control loading system
  • Integrates modern flight deck advanced avionic systems (EFIS, EGPWS, FMS, TCAS, Weather Radar, etc.)
  • Powerful user-friendly Windows-based instructor operating station with touch-screen interface
  • State-of-the-art PC Image Generator (IG) with OpenFlight compliant databases and high-resolution fixed-matrix projectors provide superior visual scene fidelity and realism
  • Ideally suited for:
    • MCC/CRM
    • Multi-Crew Pilot licence (MPL) training
    • Jet transition/jet orientation/bridge training
    • LOFT
    • SOP training
    • Candidate screening
    • FMS training
  • Highly flexible platform that enables easy conversion from single aisle commercial jet / regional jet / commercial turboprop
  • Cost effective access to FFS fidelity advanced avionics (EFIS, FMS, autopilot, TCAS I/II, GPWS/EGPWS, weather radar, etc.)