Ascent® Turboprop Trainers

The most versatile synthetic training device for CRM/MCC & IR Training

  • FAA AATD & FTD Level 5 (Part 60)
  • MPL FSTD Type II
  • ICAO Level IV

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  • Synthetic Instrument Display™ (SID™) system for quick reconfiguration from turboprop to twin-piston and single-piston classes of aircraft
  • Realistic flight and ground performance modeling for each aircraft class and type
  • EFIS instrumentation
  • Selection of Garmin, Bendix/King and Collins avionics suites, including GPS
  • Powerful user-friendly Windows-based instructor station with touch screen interface
  • Debrief tools allow full replay of training sessions
  • Three-channel 200 x 40 or more visual display system
  • State-of-the-art PC Image Generator (IG) with OpenFlight compliant databases and high-resolution fixed-matrix projectors for superior visual scene fidelity and realistic weather
  • Convertible MEP/SEP for full IR/CRM/MCC training credits
  • Enhanced learning due to high fidelity replication of the cockpit
  • Industrial grade product for intense and long term utilization
  • Lesson plan editor for scenario-based training
  • Semi-enclosed IOS area for good interaction between the instructor and students
  • Maximization of the utilization of COTS industrial components for easy and cost effective maintenance
  • Advanced options available (TCAS, EGPWS, FMS)